local chocolates

Supporting local chocolatiers

When it comes to eating chocolate for health, we are not talking about Snickers, M&M’s, Twix or Hershey’s milk chocolate bars as these treats are often mixed with other unhealthy ingredients such as hydrogenated fats, they contain high amounts of sugar and their cacao content is minimal. If you can tolerate chocolate (meaning your body doesn’t have a negative reaction after you eat it) you should stick with dark chocolate that is greater than 70% cacao content, with 85% preferred, and consume roughly the size of a silver dollar daily. So that is what you would aim for in healthful chocolate consumption. (And that would be after you check with your doctor first, of course.)

Locally produced, heart healthy chocolates made by Sun Eaters Organics,The Brasso Seco Chocolate Company, Omarbeans Organic, Cafe Mariposa (Mariposa Gardens, Lopinot, Trinidad & Tobago), and cocoa nibs by Soular – “Eat the Sun, Feed Your Soul” (which can be found in our Good Karma raw foods snack) are available at Veg Out.