K. Rich

K. Rich visits Veg Out

Big up to K. Rich for taking time out to come and visit with us at Veg Out. K. Rich is a young soca artiste/songwriter of the dance/pop genres. He is also the co-host of WI NEWS..every Friday night on WIN TV.

Sage Talks

Sage Talks

Join The Sage Path Organization for Sage Talks –The Higher Consciousness Revolution at The Learning Resource Centre (LRC), UWI St. Augustine from 1:00pm. (The Sage Path is a simple and neutral self-development programme, based on ancient yogic wisdom and contemporary research on human longevity)

Veg Out staff with Tere

Autism Support at Veg Out

President of The Autistic Society of Trinidad and Tobago(ASTT), Teresina Sieunarine, took time out yesterday to come to Veg Out and chat with interested persons about Autism. Thank you to those including Christen (Principal’s Office), Darrion (star of Crazy Catholic’s plays) RR (Faculty Liaison Librarian) and the beautiful young woman who is on the spectrum and …

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