In Loving Memory of Adrian Jawahir

We were very sad to say goodbye to an important member of the Veg Out family, Adrian Jawahir, who worked with us for many years and could always be counted on to make us laugh or strike up a good conversation. He will be dearly missed.

20 years of great coffee!

Coffee continues to be the reason Veg Out is the go to place on campus! Along with great coffee we have been serving great vibes and friendships for the last 20 years! ☕️ @coffeematterscaribbean @newenglandcoffee

Eco-Friendly Straws

Fact: Straws are in the top 10 items found in Marine debris 😫 In our 20th year on campus, we are committed to only using eco friendly straws by the end of this semester! 👍(Straws by Eco Flair, Cups by Hello Green)

4 B’s

In the past 20 years, Veg Out has been a small space where almost daily someone pops in and opens up a conversation about one of the 4 B’s whose legacies we hold dear and preserve on our wall space.  It would be remiss of us not to mention Bubbles who joined the VO family …

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Supporting local businesses

Hey Veg Out family, let’s all make an effort to support local businesses when getting gifts this Christmas. Check out our ‘bean to the bar’ chocolates made from cocoa grown in Trinidad. We also carry Zahra’s Honey collection in a wonderful range of bottle sizes, beautifully packaged for that perfect gift.

Christmas Donations to the Autistic Society of T&T and Horses Helping Humans

Sharing Christmas cheer with our favourite NGO’s! 🎄🎅 If you would like to donate to ‘The Autistic Society of Trinidad and Tobago (ASTT)’ we have a box at Veg Out to drop in any gifts. We suggest educational toys, books and stationery. 🎁🧸📖 Also proceeds from the Profanity Jar will go to both ‘The Autistic Society of …

Christmas Donations to the Autistic Society of T&T and Horses Helping Humans Read More »