My friends and I entered UWI in 2008 and we have been going to Veg Out from day one. Walking across campus from the north gate for a raspberry pastry or a veg sausage roll was the highlight of our day. The vegetarian lunches were always a great hit, especially the lasagna. Veg Out was always our go-to place, great food, great friends and good times!

Katrina Khan, Former U.W.I Student

The Veg Out establishment has been a core aspect of UWI’s identity. Veg Out originally operated as a healthy alternative to corporate fast food on Campus and whose hours of business have sustained the student populace when UWI had extremely limited food options. Veg Out’s management are people–oriented and student centred, whose model caters to a wide and specific customer segment being the only food establishment at UWI with an established branding and culture, which is student inspired and service driven. Veg Out is well known and visited by prominent politicians, national athletes, scores of corporate professionals and reputed scholars.

The University’s Hindu, Muslim and vegetarian Communities (past and present) owe a debt of gratitude to Veg Out, for sustaining a meat-free food environment during periods of religious fasting, and acceptable food for all religious denominations and vegetarian lifestyles. Veg Out has undoubtedly been a vital part of the UWI student experience, over the past 15 years.

Riad Hosein, Analytical Chemist/Astrobiologist

The pastries and sandwiches bought there were of excellent standard. My Hindu friends found it a convenient haven for them, especially when fasting. Great customer service and students were always received with a smile.

Videsh Rampersad, Criminologist/Investigator

Veg Out is a great place to buy breakfast or lunch. They have kind and friendly staff and a delicious assortment such as mini pizzas and amazing jam tarts, and also a wide variety of drinks. It is fully air conditioned and the prices are very reasonable.

Nicholas Gayadeen, Former Agribusiness Student

When I’m on campus my go-to place is ALWAYS Veg Out! Not just for a bite to eat or a drink to quench my thirst but also for the never ending GOOD VIBES! There’s always a joke to be shared, a word of comfort or encouragement. The walls are plastered with positivity and culture, an ambience to make any heart smile! I love the wide range of unique snacks and pies too that keeps me coming back! Chow mein pie, soya pie, vegan sausage rolls, pepper roti are my favorites so far:) So happy to have a place like Veg Out on campus!

Alisha Ali, U.W.I Student

It’s been a year and I still cannot get over how rich and flavorful those cupcakes (from SNAK) are. It’s like I slip away from reality a little with every bite. It’s that good!

Karuna Jaipaul, U.W.I Student