Pancake Time!

We’ll have delicious eggless pancakes available this semester. They are served with Maple Syrup and Fruits for $

Eggless Pancakes

Delightful breakfast of eggless pancakes which will go perfectly with a cup of Vermont Maple Walnut Coffee!  

Porridge Cups

Offering non-dairy items with these Porridge Cups for $ Topped with Almonds, Chia Seeds and a dash of Maple...

Introducing UpCups

Introducing UpCups, delightful yoghurt parfait cups…a winner all the way! With such flavours as coconut yoghurt or chocolate chia...

Wall Art

‘One love’…..words that Veg Out lives by. Credit to @tunkabean for the great pics!

Unwind your mind 2017

Big up to our friends of Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) for hosting ‘Unwind your mind 2017’. Veg Out...

Empanadas made by Nicolette

Check out these tasty empanadas made by Nicolette….another initiative by Veg Out to support student entrepreneurship! Delicious Kale &...